Tips for taking care of your Car Window Tint

7 Tips for Cleaning Your Car Windows with Tint

Have you ever noticed that when your car windows are dirty, it makes the inside look even dirtier? That’s because all of the dirt and dust from the road gets stuck on the your window and if they are tinted it can be really hard to see out of them too! But don’t worry, there are some easy ways to make sure they’re always sparkling clean.

The process to clean your tinted windows is not much different than it is to clean a regular window but there are a few really important differences.

Here are seven tips for cleaning windows with tint in your vehicle. These tips will help you avoid scratching or damaging any film or layer on top of them so they’ll stay nice and clear for years to come.

Here are some things that you ALWAYS want to remember when cleaning your tinted windows

  1. Always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning windows with tint. This will help keep a nice finish on your tint, because microfiber does not scratch.
  2. Wipe, never scrub. When you scrub you are more likely to scratch the film and cause it to peel.
  3. Direction Matters! Always start at the top window and work down and then wipe horizontally.
  4. Dry using a second clean dry microfiber cloth

These are the things that you want to make sure NEVER happen if you want to have the best looking windows possible.

  1. Never use ammonia or ammonia based cleaners to clean your windows with tint because it will damage your tint film or layer in no time! Be sure to check the label before you spray it.
  2. Never use paper towels. Paper towels will scratch your tint film and layer!
  3. Can’t find ammonia free window cleaner? Make your own! Mixing one part vinegar with two parts water and adding a dash of dish soap will make an excellent window cleaner that won’t harm your tint film or layer! Never use ammonia

Now your car should be the envy of the neighborhood. By following these tips you can keep your cars window tint clean and looking nice!


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