How to Keep Pets from Destroying Your Car

How to Keep Pets from Destroying Your Car

Does your pet love to chew on things? If so, then you are probably looking for ways to protect your car from its destructive chewing. It is very common for cats and dogs to try to chew on the inside of a car because the scent of leather and plastic attracts them. There are many ways to prevent this from happening, but we will discuss three in particular: grooming your pet, covering seats, and installing an anti-chew spray or other deterrents.

Grooming Your Pet

Regularly groomed pets are unlikely to make the interior of the car dirty. Combing or brushing your pet will reduce the amount of hair, dirt and oil left behind on the car’s upholstery. Grooming also ensures that your dog or cat is free of fleas and other pests that could potentially hitch a ride in your car. Grooming also helps to reduce shedding, which can help protect the car’s interior. Also, cut the pet nails to avoid damage to the upholstery.

Seat Covers

Keeping your pet from chewing on the car’s interior is a little easier with the use of seat covers. These covers help to protect the leather and other upholstery from being damaged by a pet’s teeth. They also provide a barrier between your pet and the car’s upholstery. The barrier will keep the pet from getting as close to the upholstery and, therefore, lessen or prevent damage altogether. Covers are available in various sizes to accommodate both the driver and passenger seats.

Anti-Chew Spray or Deterrents

An anti-chew spray is another way of protecting the car’s interior from your pet. Most sprays can be applied directly to the upholstery to discourage chewing on exposed areas. Some brands make an anti-chew spray that can be applied to a specific area. This type of spray is also helpful because you can use it on problem areas where your pet likes to chew outside the car.

Other Options Other options for protecting your vehicle from pet damage include: using double-sided tape, placing mothballs in the car, and covering upholstery with old blankets or towels.

With all of these options, diligence is the key to protecting your car’s interior from your pet. Just because you have installed covers or sprayed on an anti-chew spray, it does not mean that the damage will not occur. It is still very possible for chewing to take place even with these preventative measures.

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