How to Remove Stains from Car Seats

How to remove stains from car seats

If you own a classic car, then you know how upsetting it can be to get a stain on your car seat. Most times, if the stains are just superficial, a simple shampooing can get it off. But there are other times when the stain is a bit too permanent. This article will guide you through removing stains from seat of car.

What causes stains on car seats?

Many products can stain car seats. For example, coffee, soda or tea can leave stains on most car seats. Touching seats with dirty, greasy or wet hands can also leave ugly stains on them. These types of stains however, can be easily cleaned through shampooing or steam agitation. 

How to remove stains from car seats

The first step to getting rid of any type of stain is by first vacuuming the seat to get rid of the liquid. We then use a special type of shampoo designed for upholstery and carpets to clean the seat surface. Spray or apply the shampoo over the stain area and leave it be for about five minutes to break down the oil, dirt and stains on the car seat. You can also use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub the area affected to ensure the shampoo sinks deeper in the seat. 

The next step involves agitating the seat surface using steam. Using a vapor steamer, gently scrub the seat surface to allow the dirt and grime to rise to the surface. Agitate for a few minutes before extracting the dirt. Using a heated extractor, extract the dirt from the seat until the stain is cleared. An extractor works by infusing heated water into the upholstery fibers at high temperatures and then sucking it back into its tank. This process ensures all the dirt and grime on the seat surface are sucked back into the extractor with the hot water. Now your car seat is clean, and all that’s left to do is to let it air dry for a bit. It is advisable to use a plastic seat cover if you intend to use the car immediately after cleaning. 

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