Myths about Detailing your Car

The Right Way to Wash Your Car

We here at Dynamic Detailers know it’s hard to know the do’s and don’ts of washing your car. We have 20 years of experience detailing and washing your car to keep it looking your best, while you have a busy schedule. That’s why we came up with this list about myths about detailing your car, just for you.

Myths On Washing Your Car

  • Wash Your Car ANYTIME

Actually…no. It is best to wash your car when it has cooled down, and not right after a long drive. If you wash your car in the hot sun, it will leave spot and soap deposits on your vehicle, as it makes the soap dry out faster.

  • Dish Detergent is GREAT!

While dish detergent seems to be a great idea, and it does help to strip all the dirt and grime of your vehicle, its not only the dirt it strips. The paint polymer that protect the paint on the car can be damaged by dish soap, so stay away from dish soap!

  • Just clean is fine!

Going through the cheap drive through car washes are good for when you are in a pinch, but sometimes you need a little more done to your moving home. Auto Detailing may seem like an unnecessary expense but when you climb in a vehicle that’s clean on the inside and out its a whole new experience.

  • Shiny IS CLEAN

Just because a car is shiny doesn’t mean that the exterior is clean. If you don’t clean a car properly before waxing or polishing then you can feel the bumps underneath the wax. You can use a clay bar to take these deposits off before waxing.

  • Waxing and Polishing are the same thing

Waxing and Polishing are not the same thing. Waxing is using wax to seal in the paint and polymer put on your car to make it look amazing. Waxing cannot make a dull surface shiny. Polishing is putting the shine on it. You use resins, polymers and silicones to pull out the shine in your vehicle.

  • Waxing Lasts Forever

Unfortunately, waxing does not last forever. Waxing only last as long as the wear and tear put on the vehicle. The weather can effect how long a wax can last, no matter what the manufacturer says.

  • It’s Just Dirt, You don’t need to wash it

When you wait until theres enough dirt on your car for you kids to write messages in the dirt…It’s past time to wash your car. Dirt and buildup on vehicles can destroy the paint and wax that was put on it, so by NOT washing it you could be doing more damage.


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