Ceramic coating is the ideal solution to make your paint job last. Depending on the type of polymer used, ceramic coating can last several years up to the entire life of a vehicle.

The polymers bond with the surface to truly seal in the color and protect your car. It is an alternative to waxing that’s more expensive, but far more protective.


  1. Two stage paint correction
  2. Application of ceramic to car painting and bodywork
  3. All automotive glass-coated
  4. Exterior vinyl and plastic coated
  5. Headlights and taillights coated


  1. Three stage paint correction
  2.  Application of 5Yr ceramic to car paint and bodywork
  3. All automotive glass-coated
  4. Exterior vinyl and plastic coated
  5. Headlights and taillights coated

From the preparation to the application, Dynamic Detailers entire process is created to give the best results possible. We spare no expense and skip no steps. Below are several of the steps we employ in our ceramic coating service:


We thoroughly cleanse your car of all types of dirt, grime, sap, and many other types of impurities. This deep cleansing is the first and most important step.


Next comes an even deeper level cleaning with our clay bar to remove all contaminants. Many of these contaminants are very stubborn and can become lodged within the sealant, wax, or spray coating. These contaminants that are stuck can cause long-term damage to the exterior if not removed.


Our polishing process cleans up and removes any scratches or imperfections that are stuck beneath the protective coating. This will correct and remove anything within the paint job that could potentially show after the ceramic coating is complete.


We use the best materials for our ceramic coatings to make sure that our work surpasses your expectations. It is a powerful technology that will bring out the best in your car for years to come.


Here we carefully wipe away any excess coating to give the ideal finish that is sleek, smooth, and brimming with shine.

It is important to know that even after a ceramic coating, some maintenance and cleaning is still required. However, it will be easier than ever before to maintain the beauty of your car after this procedure.

Maintenance is important in keeping the color and shine at its peak. While ceramic coating does do an incredible job at protecting your car, it doesn’t make it completely impervious to any type of dent or deep scratch.

You can rest assured that we utilize the highest-quality procedures and products on the market. We aim for the greatest durability, price, and results. With over 20 years of experience,
Dynamic Detailers is equipped for any job no matter if it’s a truck, luxury, van, SUV, sports car, or any other type of vehicle. We want to make sure that you’re absolutely thrilled with your investment.


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