How to Maintain my Car After a Detail?
Are you wondering how to maintain your car after having it detailed? If so, keep reading below.

Keeping your car or truck clean is almost as important as changing the oil, especially if you think of it from the resale aspect. A car that has been taken care of will fetch a few thousand more than a car that wasn’t kept up. Paying for a car detail could cost you a pretty penny, but it may be well worth it in the long run.

After your car has been professionally cleaned inside and out, you can maintain a detailed car and offset some of the cost just by cleaning it yourself once a week.

A car detail doesn’t have to be a hard, drawn-out, time taking process either. A few tips and tricks along with the right products and tools should have you well on your way to keeping a clean car. Maintain detailed car by following some of the tips below.

How to Keep Your Car Clean on the Inside:

  • Keep a microfiber cloth in your car this will make it easier to dust the dash as soon as you notice a build-up.
  • Having a grocery store bag in the car will make it easier to keep the trash in one area.
  • Use a paintbrush or detail brush to get in tight cracks and crevices such as a/c vents.
  • Vacuum up loose crumbs and sand weekly. You may have to do this more often if you eat in your vehicle, or have children.
  • The line built-in cup holders with silicone baking cups to prevent sticky grime from getting down in there.
  • Place a few Ziploc bags in your console for change and other small items.
  • Carpet Cleaning products like resolve will work wonders on cloth seats and carpet stains. After vacuuming soiled area, spray stain thoroughly and scrub with a carpet brush to loosen up the stain, and then dry with a terry cloth towel. Repeat this process until the stain is gone.
  • Leather and Vinyl seats will require a special cleaner and conditioner to keep them looking their best.
  • Use an air freshener-Try placing your favorite smelling dryer sheets in a Ziploc but do not seal it just slip under or between your seats. Replace dryer sheets weekly.

How to Keep Your Car Clean and Shiny on the Outside:

  • The number one way to keep your cars paint looking brand new is to store it in a garage or keep it covered.
  • Wash your car with only products made specifically for that, dish soap is way too harsh for your paint.
  • Rinse your car before you ever wash it to remove any loose dirt.
  • Never use a sponge to wash your car. There are little craters built into a sponge that will trap dirt and won’t release even after being rinsed. This may cause fine scratches in your paint. Opt for a mitt that is meant for washing cars, they are made to release the dirt when rinsed.
  • Never use a drive-thru car wash, or do it yourself wash. These brushes are never cleaned and my hold dirt and leave scratches behind.
  • Remove bird poop and bug guts as quickly as possible, both contain an acid that will damage your paint.
  • Wash your car or truck from top to bottom.
  • Invest in a good synthetic wax. Waxing will protect your paint from the sun and other damages.
  • Make sure to clean your rims and tires. Dressing them also makes the car look better.

Hopefully, you will use these tips to keep your car looking clean as well as increase the resale value. If you have any questions or come across a problem you can’t solve, feel free to contact us here.