Spring Cleaning your Car 


Spring Cleaning your Car 

Addressing winter dirt 

Spring cleaning your car will help you to get rid of that accumulated dirt and grime that sticks to the exterior of your car.  Even an automated car wash can fall short in comparison to manual washing during the spring. The weather is getting better so that means that you can enjoy the outdoors while revamping your vehicle by scrubbing the dirt and grime away. Salt from the roads can cause corrosion and lessen the life of your car so it’s important to stay one step ahead of these factors. 

Time for a shiny spring coat! 

There’s no better way to kick off the change in season than applying a fresh coat of wax to make it look brand new! Interior car detailing is also important to make a lasting impression on passengers and give them a smoother experience. Spring cleaning your car is something many people engage in because the winter months can really take their toll on the interior and exterior integrity of any vehicle. It’s important to strike now while the weather is perfect to achieve an optimal level of cleanliness that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the warmer months! Applying this cleaning procedure yearly is a good habit that will pay back immensely. 

Increase safety overall 

When salts from the road begin corroding a vehicle, it threatens the inner frame which can lead to some seriously dangerous driving conditions. It may take a long time for it to deteriorate so subtle damage can be hard to spot. Make sure to assess the entire car for damage and take the necessary action towards restoring it to almost brand new. The last thing anyone wants is to become a threat to the safety of themselves or others and most cars take a heavy hit after Jack Frost comes to visit. When you devote time and energy to addressing this corrosion you are abiding by the law and maintaining a safe ride. 

spring cleaning carFreshen up interior for your health 

Often times with snow you can track all sorts of health hazards into a vehicle and this can be especially dangerous if you have seasonal allergies. Mold, dirt, salts, and even animal droppings can be tracked into the interior of your vehicle and it’s important to address this right away for the health of all riding with you. A thorough scrubbing will increase the air quality and eliminate any contaminants that would otherwise make your car smell and look bad. Upholstery and carpet cleaners are great tools for applying a deep clean that most cars will need after winter. If you have fabric seats then they should also be thoroughly cleaned because of their capacity to store more dirt. Your lungs will thank you when taking these extra steps and this is especially true if you do a lot of traveling. Also, Make sure the seals on your trunk aren’t cracked or damaged to prevent mold from accumulating. 


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