Scratches on Your Car and How to Fix Them


Fixing Scratches On Your Car Depends On What Kind Of Scratch Is On Your Car

Most people are not experienced at fixing car scratches. This blog will help explain different kinds of scratches on your car and how to fix them. It’s important to know what questions to ask before you start fixing scratches on your car.  Some scratches can be totally removed. Some scratches can’t be totally removed. Some scratches can’t be removed, but they can be minimized. Some scratches can’t be either removed or minimized, but they can be hidden.

Clear Coat Scratch Versus Car Paint Scratch

For the most part, a clear coat scratch is the same thing as a car paint scratch. Anything that is used to fix a car paint scratch can be used to fix a clear coat scratch.

Every car has a clear coat. It’s part of the painting system. A clear coat, however, has no pigment. That makes it different from the colored coats.

Car Paint Scratch Removers

For most people, a scratch remover kit would be the thing to use. It’s usually good to use such a product first. Many scratches are actually superficial scratches that require only a removal type of polish.

Car Touch-Up Paint

This is the easiest repair. You can get these things at dealerships and retail car care places. It’s quick and also easy to use. You can use this type of repair to fix chips caused by rocks. The down-side is that the paint can be either too thin or too thick. It’s also harder to fix vertical panels with touch-up paint because of the fact that the paint might run.

Removing scratchesCar Paint Scratch Removers

Some scratch removers are merely a polish that includes abrasives. Some kits of this type, however, include wet sanding. Kits that offer the ability to do wet sanding are an assertive type of scratch repair. Sometimes you can remove scratches completely using this tool.

Thinner scratches can be sanded away. You should do this wet sanding first. After that, polish it and then use a fine polish. The last step is to apply car wax.

Getting Rid Of Swirl Marks And Scratches

You can permanently remove all sorts of blemishes and other defects by using car polish and a machine polisher.

Swirl Marks are caused by light reflecting from micro-scratches. They have the appearance of a cobweb or a spider web. The pattern is circular. Traditional car washes can cause such marks. The best way to get rid of swirl marks is to use machine polishing.

There are various ways for you to be fixing scratches on your car. How they get fixed properly depends on what type of scratch you’re fixing.  When in doubt, call a professional and they can help.

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