Preparing your Car for Summer


Could Have Happened To Anyone 

Summer Is Here

Are you ready for the summer? The high heat, humid air. As you prepare for this weather, you might be thinking about your home air conditioner, fans in the windows. But what about your car? Is your car ready for the summer? This is one thing not everyone thinks about as the weather gets warmer.

What Could Be

Let’s imagine you just got into your 2010 Dodge Pickup Truck. It’s July 4th and you are getting ready to pick up your friends for a fun-filled Fourth of July day. You crank the key and start the truck. The first thing you do is reach for the A/C. Of course you do, it’s the middle of summer. BUT it’s not blowing cold. I guess it’s time to roll down the windows instead. To get to your destination faster you jump on the highway. Out of nowhere, your back tire explodes. You immediately pull to the side of the road and get ready to change your tire. 1 hour later and you are off. You finally make it to your destination. As your friends open the car door, they see the spilled coffee on the floorboard from a few days ago. The ketchup stain on your seat from last week. The built up mud from melted snow, the rain puddles. They shake their head but get in the truck anyways.

Prepare Your Car

What could you have done differently? Just like getting your house ready for summer, you should get your car ready as well. Follow these few simple things to prepare your car for summer.

  • Check your tire pressure
  • Detailing your car
  • Ensuring your AC is fine
Car ready for summer

Summer Car Washing. Cleaning Car Using High Pressure Water.

You could be asking yourself, but why check your tire pressure? Why detail your car? well, if you remember from our story above the tire exploded while driving down the road. This is because the air pressure already in the tire was too much for summer heat. As the car drives down the road, the pressure in the tire builds up higher due to the heat. The tires can only hold so much pressure before *BOOM*, it explodes. Now detailing your car. The friends in the story almost didn’t want to get in the truck due to the ketchup stain and dried mud all over the place. To be ready for summer, you want to start fresh with a nice, clean car. And of course, a nice air conditioned vehicle. 


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