Keeping Your Exterior Accessories Safe During a Car Wash


Keeping Your Exterior Accessories Safe During a Car Wash

While keeping a car clean is an excellent way of ensuring that it is in good condition, if you are not careful, you may end up causing damages, especially to the exterior accessories. Before washing your car, you should ensure that all the external accessories are well protected from any damage caused by water. In this piece, we have outlined some of the ways you can use in keeping exterior accessories safe during a car wash.

Protecting The Antennas

In the past, cars had long antennas and they protruded from the exterior of the car. As such, it was easily damaged when the vehicle was being washed. To protect it from damage, you had to unscrew it and lay it down. While some car antennas could withstand adverse conditions, it was still advisable to unscrew them to be on the safe side.  Nowadays, car antennas are little shark fins or something else that is not easily damaged nor able to remove from the vehicle.  

Windscreen Wipers

Primarily, windscreen wipers do have the ability to withstand a certain level of water pressure. Nevertheless, the water pressure during a car wash is more intense, and it is more likely to damage the windscreen wipers. Therefore, it will be best to protect your windscreen wipers with windshield cover bags to ensure that the windscreen wipers are not damaged and last long.

external accessories safeTaillights or Mirrors

In general, the taillight of any car can get damaged by water. Sometimes, a vehicle’s taillight may have a tiny crack that you cannot see with your naked eyes. When the car gets washed, some moisture may enter the taillight’s cover and condense there, making the taillight not work correctly. To protect your tail lights when the car is being washed, you should remove the tail light cover to prevent this from happening.  The same goes for the side mirrors.  If they can be turned in, they should be to keep them safe. 

The Exhaust System

The exhaust system of a car is usually metal, which can rust when exposed to water. When cleaning the undercarriage of the car, ensure that you focus mainly on the exhaust system. When washing it, avoid using materials that can scratch the metal, and you should also ensure that you use a metal wax on it after cleaning.

Frankly, everyone in Stanford, VA, or Richmond, VA, wants to ensure that their car is clean, and at the same time, no one wants their car to get damaged during cleaning. As such, it is essential to take early precautions in keeping exterior accessories safe. This will ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition for a long time.


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