How to Keep your Car Germ Free


Keeping your car germ free

Most Americans spend hours in their car each week. We commute to and from work, drive to visit family and friends, and visit local areas. In order to ensure our health and a positive mindset, it is crucial that we all keep our car clean and protect our car interior from germs. It is important to keep your car interior clean in order to keep you healthy and safe from these developing germs.  Germs will inevitably get into your car interior from your hands, shoes, coughing, and even from passengers. Here are some of the top ways that you can keep your car interior clean and germ free.

#1) Steam Clean Fabrics

If you have cloth seats in your car it is important that you have them steam cleaned on a regular basis to help kill all germs, even the coronavirus. Steam cleaning your seats, as well as other areas of your car can keep your car looking new and keep you healthy.

#2) Disinfecting Your Cars Interior

Another important thing that you should do on a regular basis, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, is to frequently disinfect your car’s interior. You can use disinfectant wipes in your car, however, each car is different. Not all disinfectant wipes can be used for disinfecting your car’s interior. Some wipes and cleaners can cause damage to your car so it is recommended that you find a professional to help you understand what is safe and unsafe for your car.

Germ-free car

#3) Declutter

Another important part of keeping your car’s interior clean and germ free is to declutter your car. It can be very easy and convenient to keep clothes, bags, toys, and many other items in your car. This should be prevented, especially during flu seasons and during a pandemic like the coronavirus. Keeping your car free of unnecessary items provides less space for bacteria to grow. This can help your car’s interior stay clean, keep you healthy, and give you an added peace of mind.

If you want to keep your car germ free you can take these necessary steps to prevent germs from forming. These recommendations should be followed by people of all ages with all different models of cars.


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