Carbon Fibre Restoration 


Carbon Fibre Restoration 

High performance vehicles often lose their shine caused by carbon films that occur on the raceway or the highway. Your Carbon Fibre hood may have defects caused by carbon oxidation, ultraviolet rays, tree pollen, or bugs and birds. Dull finishes can be restored looking just like it did when you first bought it. Follow the steps below so you can enjoy driving high performance cars that will turn heads and make you proud.

Auto Finesse Products You’ll Need

. DPX and MPX Dual Action Polisher for larger pads and smaller pads.

. Microfibre cloths, Aqua Deluxe Drying Towels

. Ceramic Paint Protection Kit

. Prep Spray

. Car Lather Shampoo

. Triple All in One Polish

. Step-One All in One Compound

. Revitalise System Ceramics

. Clay pads or Glide clay lube

. Pad cleaning brush

. Masking tape

. Ceramic resin wipes

. Swirl Spotter Detail Light

. Ceramics Gloss Enhancer and Ceramic Enhancing Shampoo

Stages of Restoration

It’s not as expensive to restore your high performance cars yourself as it is to employ professionals. As a do-it-yourself project, detailing a car with carbon fibre is not difficult at all, and it will give your ego a boost when your friends ask how you did it. 

carbon fibreStep One- Clean, Rinse, Dry

1. Clean your vehicle using Ceramic Enhancing Shampoo, rinse, and dry with microfibre cloths.

2. Clay pads remove imbedded carbon fibres from the surface and prepare your car for restoration.

3. Apply clay lube to remove contaminants, cleaning the surface residue that is left using Lather Car Shampoo. 

4. Rinse, and dry with Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel.

Step Two- Polish the Surface 

1. Tape areas that you don’t want to restore- plastic, metal trim, etc.

2. Apply Step-One All in One Compound with the DPX and MPX Dual Action Polishers, using the 2 inch pads for small areas, and 5 inch pads for large areas.

3. To polish large areas use a slow speed at first, moving in a downward motion, and a cross hatch motion for best results. Use small pads to polish smaller areas.

4. Remove the pad and clean it using the pad cleaning brush, then clean the entire area with a microfibre cloth. See photos below for proper technique.

Step Three- Protection

1. After detailing a car with carbon fibre, wipe polished area with prep spray, using Ceramic Resin wipes to remove resins.

2. Work up and down motion, then side to side.

3. Buff for 2 to 5 minutes with microfibre cloth and Swirl Spotter Detail Light.

4. Allow to dry for 4 to 6 hours. 

To properly maintain your Carbon Fibre hood wash with Ceramics Enhancing Shampoo and Ceramic Gloss Enhancer.


Of course, we are here for your detailing needs and can help your carbon fibre look new again. 

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