Maintaining Your Car in Winter


Maintaining Your Car in Winter

There are a few ways that you can help your new or pre-owned vehicle last through many winters to come with careful maintenance. Extreme cold weather can result in the slow breakdown of your car’s critical components, both externally and internally. It is important that when chilly weather comes around, you employ proper practices in car maintenance in order to help your vehicle last for the long haul. Here are a few basic tips that we have acquired over the years as to how to maintain your car in the winter.

Warm-Up Before Start-Up

As cliche as it may be, it really will go a long way in preserving your engine’s life when you warm up the car before you start driving it. A properly running engine must reach a certain temperature in order to work in a way that is effective. Winter degrees sometimes drop into the freezing temperatures and there is a long way between the cold of frozen snow and the heat of a running engine. By slowly warming up your car engine for a good fifteen to twenty minutes before actually taking it for a drive, you will help your engine to adjust and prevent wear and tear on the metal components of the engine. You will also ensure that all fluids reach proper working temperatures.

car in winterEquip Your Tires

Depending upon which type of climate you live in, you may need to take different measures in order to prepare your car tires for winter. If you live in a snowy climate, it is recommended that you purchase chains for your tires. This will help you to prevent skidding and also will help your tires last longer. If you live in more moderate temperatures, just make sure that you have a good working tread on your tire to prevent skidding on any icy patches. This is essential for safety so please heed the advice.

Check Your Fluids

Cold weather can cause the evaporation of necessary fluids within the engine. Make sure to regularly check your fluids, including oil levels and coolant as cold weather sets in. This is essential and ensures keeping your car running in winter. This also helps maintains that your engine will run smoothly for the long term.

Overall, there are many different precautions that can be taken to help your vehicle fare well through the winter months. We recommend warming up your car before you start driving, properly equipping your tires, and regularly checking your fluids. Should you take this advice, you are likely to have a smooth-running, and smooth driving car in winter. Additionally, these strategies for car maintenance help to ensure that your car will surely last you in the long run.


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